Tournament Rules

  1. ASHL rules shall apply except as listed below.
  2. Players must be registered as a member of your team to be eligible for this tournament. Under no circumstances can you pick up a player to replace a player under suspension or a player who is missing.
  3. If a goalie is injured or missing you may pick up another goalie of the same caliber but first must be approved by the organizers prior to the start of the game being played.
  4. All players must read and sign a waiver on arrival in order to be able to play. Any player on the ice that has not signed the waiver will be removed from the game.
  5. Teams must be available to play fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled game time. There will be a 2 minute warm up only.
  6. All games will consist of three (3) periods ten-ten-twelve (10, 10, 12) stop time.
  7. At no time will a team be more than 5 goals ahead in score (5+rule). The clock will not be stopped in the 3rd period for the first 2 round robin games.  Stop time will resume when the goal difference returns to four (4) goals or less.  The clock may be stopped at the referee’s discretion for injury or for intentional delay of the game.
  8. Intent to injure and fighting penalties will result in the player being expelled from the game and the remainder of the tournament.
  9. Round robin games are allowed to end in a tie. Determination of final game placement in case of a tie in points standing will be decided as follows:
  10. a) Goals for- goals against = goal differential
  11. b) Fewest penalties in minutes (PIM)
  12. c) Team that raised the most money for Alzheimer’s according to Memory Maker.
  13. Final game if tied will be decided with a 5 minute overtime stop time period. If still tied, the tie will be broken by a shoot out: Each team will designate 3 shooters on the game sheet and the order they will shoot, prior to the game being played. Shooters from each team will shoot simultaneously. After 3 shooters the team with the most goals wins.  If the teams are still tied after 3 shooters, the shoot out will continue in sudden victory style until one team wins. No shooter can go twice until every player has shot once.
  14. One 30 second time-out will be permitted for each team during the final game only.
  15. Decisions made by the organizer officials are final.
  16. Due to Insurance regulations at no time are players or spectators allowed on the ice without a helmet.
  17. If there is a conflict in sweater colours the home team will have the choice of colour. Pinnies will be available.
  18. Have fun!!!

How are points calculated?

Points will be awarded for each round robin game as follows:

Win = 2 points

Tie = 1 point

Loss = 0 points

A default win shall be scored 5-0 for the non-defaulting winning team

* The organizer has the right to update current rules up until the day before the tournament.