Who are you playing for?

For me it’s my Dad!

My Dad loved hockey, I remember him laughing at me when I first started playing at the prime age of 40. He told me I really shouldn’t talk and laugh so much and pay attention to that little black thing on the ice.  He always supported me and gave me great advice. He was diagnosed with Dementia in the winter of 2007.

Unfortunately my story is similar to many others that have a loved one that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Questions ran through my head; How can I help him?  How can I keep him from getting frustrated as their Alzheimer’s progresses? How do I keep him from shutting down?  I found my Dad started to not want to do anything or go anywhere as his Dementia got worse.  He was concerned about embarrassing himself.

So in his honor and all those who have been affected from this dreadful disease we created Pass the Puck 4 ALZ a charity hockey tournament to raise funds and awareness. Our motto is "Making a difference one shot at a time".  Please join us in this fun one day, recreational tournament and help support the Alzheimer’s society of Halton.

Every goal is for you Dad!

Lise Gillis


Meet the Team

Meet some of the people that make this tournament possible. This is also only a small snapshot, we have over 30 volunteers that help make the hockey tournament the success it is.


Lise Gillis

Founder & Chairman

Lise founded Pass the Puck 4 ALZ in 2015 and is a Mother of 3, avid golfer and loves playing hockey.


Crystal Bennett

VP Marketing

Crystal is marketing diva and loves this opportunity to work with her mom (Lise) and commemorate her grandfather.


Susan Spakowski

Rink Coordinator

Susan was playing in a hockey tournament with Lise when she heard about Pass the Puck 4 ALZ and jumped at the opportunity to support it.

Next Steps...

Now it's your turn to get involved and share in the magic of the Pass the Puck 4 ALZ Hockey Tournament. Who are you playing for?